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Why choose Patently English?

Are you ...

A lawyer?

No doubt you are an outstanding lawyer in your own country and give excellent legal advice.  But can you express that advice accurately in English?  English-speaking clients tend to have greater confidence in overseas law firms staffed with good communicators.  Accordingly, lawyers with an excellent command of English will help to give their firms a competitive advantage over others.


Let me help.  I have dealt in the past with countless overseas lawyers and have years of experience in patent prosecution, litigation, contractual provisions, and general legal terminology.  You might want to consider taking a Legal English exam such as TOLES to prove your ability and improve your career prospects.  Or you might want to brush up a presentation you are giving at an international conference.  I can be completely flexible, providing anything from a complete course to just one or two confidence-boosting sessions. 

With a personalised service one can envisage many other possibilities. For example, I could help to revise the wording of important legal opinions, or edit or proofread your firm's brochure, website or newsletters.  Just say the word.

A business person?


Modern business jargon can be really confusing.  Do you know how to give someone the 'bottom line', run an idea 'up the flagpole', or help them to 'move the needle'?  Are 'all your ducks in a row'?


And in project-management speak, do you know what to do with a 'herring bone diagram'?  Are you afraid a 'Six Sigma Black Belt' might become violent?  Don't worry - help is at hand.  I have had 40 years' experience in business and can speak the lingo.  Just 'reach out' and let me know what you need.  For Speakers of Other Languages, Patently English 'ticks all the right boxes'!


Someone else?


Perhaps you are an academic - or a busy celebrity, diplomat, politician, or rock star?  Maybe you are a member of a Trade Organisation, in Public Relations, or someone who works in an Embassy.  Whatever reason you have for wanting to improve your English please consider letting me help.  In this small world, distance should not be a barrier.  Remember: Patently English can provide personal coaching tailored precisely to YOUR needs.

In summary:


You can expect:

Personal attention





By arrangement, coaching can be given in person, by correspondence, or by Skype. I would be pleased to organise a Summer School in London if there is sufficient interest.

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